Eater Family Foundation of Marietta announces 2015 grant awards

The Eater Family Foundation is a charitable trust established in memory
of Gene Eater Herchelroth to contribute to projects of non-profit organizations
of the Borough which promote historic preservation and/or social and artistic
endeavors in the Marietta Community.

Since 2011, the trust has approved grants of over half a million dollars to the
borough government and various community non-profits. These grants have
help fund the Marietta Community House, Musselman-Vesta Iron Furnace Center,
The Lancaster Country River Trail, on going Fire Co. projects and more.

In 2015, the trust has approved grants totaling $129,980 to the following:

Pioneer Fire Company No. 1: $50,000
Marietta Community House: $6,000
Marietta Borough: $33,980
Susquehanna Stage Co: $40,000

Grant applications for 2016 will be available at the Bough office starting in January.

M. Eater N.F., Trustee

Pictured below is the Musselman-Vesta Iron Furnace Center