From Harold Kulman, Mayor of Marietta Borough

For immediate release
Saturday, 3/21/20, 7:30pm

To all Marietta Citizens:

As your Mayor, I would like to thank you for your continued strength and cooperation during this trying time, when we are fighting a virus that is upsetting our daily lives in almost every way. However, this is not the first time that the citizens of Marietta have been challenged by uncontrollable events. If you are an old guy like me, you can remember wars, river floods, and the small pox and polio viruses. All these events resulted in fear of the unknown, but we conquered them because we had the support of our fellow Mariettians, we worked together, and we accepted the leadership of our government. I am telling you about these events to lessen your fear of what might happen with the coronavirus. We have been through trying times before, and we will overcome them again this time. What we need to do is listen to the advice of our medical professionals and government officials, keep ourselves informed and help our neighbors. Please stay at home as suggested, and follow social distancing guidelines. Please contact the Borough office with any questions or concerns.


Harold Kulman
Mayor of Marietta

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