Marietta: The Pittsburgh of the East

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Marietta: The Pittsburgh of the East
Part 3 of a 3-part “My Hometown” Series at Milanof-Schock Library
Milanof-Schock Library invites the community to the final program in its “My Hometown” series which
will be held at the Library on Monday, May 20 at 6pm. It will be an historical presentation given in two
parts by co-presenters Catherine J. Tucker and David Haneman.
Part 1 – “Growing Up in Marietta”:
Catherine J. Tucker, a long-time resident of Marietta, will share her experiences growing up among
many changes in the small community of Marietta – changes which were in response to international
armed conflicts, economic pressures, floods, and revitalization. The events of the past have made
Marietta one of the most historic towns on the Susquehanna River. Catherine is active in relating the
history of Marietta through lectures and written memoirs. She has authored a short history of
Part 2 – “Marietta, the Pittsburgh of the East”
David Haneman will share a visual presentation of the Lancaster County Iron Industry from 1845-1930.
Find out why the area between Marietta and Columbia was considered the “Pittsburgh of the East”,
and learn about the history of the eight Anthracite hot-Blast Furnaces and how they operated. David is
a long time resident of Marietta who has enjoyed bringing history to life, especially at the Musselman
Vesta Iron Furnace Center in Marietta. He is president of Rivertownes PA USA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit
organization that seeks “to enhance and cultivate the art, heritage and recreation of the river towns”
of Columbia, Marietta, Wrightsville and the surrounding areas.
Registration is required for this free program. If you register and cannot attend, please let us know.
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