Fifty Years Since Hurricane Agnes – Presentation

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Jean-Paul Benowitz
Eric Schubert

Marietta holds so much history as a community along the Susquehanna River. It has been 50
years since Hurricane Agnes (1972) and we are recognizing the resilience of the people of

The National Trust for Historic Preservation, Washington D.C. works with National Historic
Districts, such as Marietta, to launch “This Place Matters!” programs for fostering economic
development and historic preservation. The “This Place Matters!” project involves Marietta
residents sharing photographs of themselves and their favorite places in Marietta on social media
using the hashtag #ThisPlaceMatters. This is a national and global event with people around the
world sharing photos of places of historical significance. This is an opportunity for the people
of Marietta to tell stories about why houses and buildings, in Marietta, hold historical
significance. “This Place Matters!” encourages and inspires an ongoing dialogue about the
importance of place, preservation, and growing the local economy.

On April 16th at 2:30PM in Studio 264, Elizabethtown College History Major, Eric J. Schubert,
History Professor Jean-Paul Benowitz, EC alum, and local government/historical preservation
leaders will give a presentation about their Public Heritage Studies Program project launching a
“This Place Matters!” campaign to bring public awareness of the National Historic District of
Marietta and spur local economic development. Come and learn how you can get involved with
posting photos on social media to tell your story about why Marietta matters and help grow the
local economy.

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