Liz Fulmer: Wasted: music video filmed in Marietta

Local Singer Songwriter: Liz Fulmer
Local Production Company: Mind Motion
Local Bar: Shank’s Tavern
Local Town: Marietta
Local Barmaid: Tina
Cool Video.

Lady Gaga noticed this awesome local talent and so did we! MindMotion partnered with our long time client and friend Dan…

Posted by MindMotion Films on Monday, July 13, 2015

Filmed in Shank’s Tavern, Marietta, PA.

Eater Family Foundation of Marietta announces 2015 grant awards

The Eater Family Foundation is a charitable trust established in memory
of Gene Eater Herchelroth to contribute to projects of non-profit organizations
of the Borough which promote historic preservation and/or social and artistic
endeavors in the Marietta Community.

Since 2011, the trust has approved grants of over half a million dollars to the
borough government and various community non-profits. These grants have
help fund the Marietta Community House, Musselman-Vesta Iron Furnace Center,
The Lancaster Country River Trail, on going Fire Co. projects and more.

In 2015, the trust has approved grants totaling $129,980 to the following:

Pioneer Fire Company No. 1: $50,000
Marietta Community House: $6,000
Marietta Borough: $33,980
Susquehanna Stage Co: $40,000

Grant applications for 2016 will be available at the Bough office starting in January.

M. Eater N.F., Trustee

Pictured below is the Musselman-Vesta Iron Furnace Center